Healthcare & Wellness


Our portfolio company works in three distinct areas related to Healthcare & Wellness. These include hospital redevelopment and expansion projects, assisted living facilities for seniors, and partnering with wellness retreat centers. All three areas encompass different paradigms, but holistically captures all the requirements that mankind needs to fulfill better lives

Our company works with hospitals through their capital projects process to identify its immediate and long term needs, develop master plan documents and to prepare feasibility and project scope documents to define, evaluate and submit to regulatory agencies for approvals on simple additions such as a boiler addition or complex additions such as new hospital sites.

Our company works with assisted living facilities that continue to fulfill their roles in the community, such as having undergone expansions to encompass separate structures of rooms and assisted living apartments for seniors. These updated layouts of the facilities feature distinct wings, each designed to accommodate varying levels of care required by the residents.

Finally, our company’s last area of focus includes wellness retreat centers where we work with existing partners to provide a comprehensive range of outpatient care services such as primary and specialty care, laboratory and diagnostic imaging services, and pharmacy services. Moreover, it features numerous community conference and education spaces, a rock-climbing wall, and an outdoor plaza.”

Cheerful family in the waiting room of the clinic family planning