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Enriching Human and animal lives

Yuluka Health is a consortium of several portfolio companies across pharmaceuticals, animal health, commodities and healthcare and wellness.

At Yuluka Health, our mission is to re-define health and wellness by advancing the development of medical research, and the commercialization and distribution of products for the betterment of animal & mankind.

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Our Story

Yuluka Health was developed as a consortium of portfolio companies aligned with the same goal: benefiting both animal and man kind with exceptional products and services backed by cutting edge medical research, discoveries or innovations in processes (technological or otherwise).


Areas of Focus

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Philanthropy Initiatives

Creating a better world by supporting organizations that benefit animal or mankind

Consulting & Advisory Services

Yuluka Health’s Consulting & Advisory division offers to clients requiring business advisory and process optimization services to fulfill their goals and advance their needs. Please contact us for more details

Our Operations

United States, Canada, ColOmbia, Europe (Netherlands, Spain) and CariBbean Islands

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yuluka Health Inc. is a Canadian registered corporation. Our office in Toronto manages corporate and business affairs worldwide.

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Miami, Florida, United States

The Miami office is the headquarters for the manufacturing, sales and distribution for our products across the United States.

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Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Our cultivation, breeding and manufacturing facility in Cali is our world class Center of Excellence for the supply of premium genetics and seeds to the global market.

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Caribbean Islands


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