Social Commitment


What is Yuluka?

“Yuluka” means the healer within ourselves. It is a state of being in perfect harmony with La Madre Naturaleza ("Mother Nature"), while honoring and showing gratitude for the primal life force that connects all living beings. At Yuluka Health we firmly believe in the versatile and awe-inspiring power of plants and the vital role they play in healing the planet and humankind.

For many cultures “Mother Nature” still tends to their daily needs as an abundant source of food, shelter, medicine, fabrics and enlightenment. We are committed, proud and blessed to team up with and care for ​​the natural world and those who truly inhabit it.

The Way Forward

At Yuluka Health, we pride ourselves on being a social economic enterprise and having a humanitarian approach to business. In our eyes, everyone deserves the opportunity to work for a fair wage and be rewarded for excelling at their job. Our compassionate and just business model is especially needed in a post-conflict Colombia where indigenous and campesino communities regularly struggle to find consistent and reliable employment.

Yuluka Health actively supports the growth and development of these often-marginalized groups in Colombia. We achieve this by donating a percentage of each product sale towards building sustainable housing and schools for these communities, not to mention providing them with access to utilities in the form of irrigation systems and potable water. These houses and schools are made from the same hemp we use to make our organically derived CBD products. Hemp is an ultra versatile and potentially planet-saving raw material that is not only environmentally friendly, but also incredibly durable and robust.

Lending a Hand

In addition to these infrastructure projects, we offer these communities arguably our most important contribution. That is the chance to provide for themselves and their families through programs devoted to education, training workshops and personal development. These programs help to improve — among other things — agricultural/commerce know-how and asset management within these communities.

We pay a premium (Fairtrade) price for our raw materials, so any cocoa and coffee farmers we work with succeed when we do. This means stable income for families and the invaluable opportunity to network with fellow growers to further their businesses in what has become a fast-moving and often competitive world that leaves so many behind.

In North America, we also have our animal social programs where we support a string of animal shelters to improve and enrich the lives of our beloved pets.

By investing heavily in, and embracing, these social programs we hope to inspire our customers and other businesses alike to buy and sell goods and services that show empathy for those less fortunate than ourselves.