Our Quality Defines Us

Our Pledge

Yuluka Health is more than a name; it’s a commitment. We live and breathe quality to ensure our products are the best we can possibly make. This is our pledge to you — our customers and our community — we will consistently produce high-quality products on which you can rely on.

We acknowledge that we are ultimately responsible for the safety of our consumers, the efficacy of our products, and the legitimacy of our Industry.

  • We pledge to never mislead or deceive our consumers with unsubstantiated claims. We guarantee that our labels and marketing materials accurately reflect what’s inside our packaging and seek to always be a voice of truth to our consumers.
  • We pledge to be work with partners that share our commitment to quality and consumer safety.
  • We pledge to self-regulate, because we know it’s critical to the longevity of our Industry. We understand that the implementation of Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards is the best way to ensure the delivery of consistent, high-quality products to our consumers.

What is GACP?

GACP are guidelines developed by the World Health Organization that ensures appropriate and consistent quality in the cultivation and production of medicinal plant and herbal substances. This applies to Yuluka Health in many ways.

  • Our finished consumer packaged goods depend on good starting quality plant material to obtain consistent, reliable and safe compounds that go into each and every packaged unit sold.
  • Our seeds and genetics require careful cultivation systems and appropriate collection procedures to ensure only feminized seeds are grown and collected. In addition, all seeds must have phytosanitary certificates ready for export which rely on meeting GACP requirements.
  • A robust and comprehensive system that guides all aspects of greenhouse construction, activities, storage of materials, quality testing of potable water sources, employee training and gowning procedures and much more to ensure safety, and consistency in all of Yuluka Health’s products.

What is GMP?

GMP is more than just mandatory laboratory testing of our products. GMP is synonymous with quality and it begins at the very start of the manufacturing process until the product is sold to the customer. It also includes post-monitoring the product even after it is sold to ensure the safety and quality of the product is maintained and product recalls are generated as needed in a timely manner.

At Yuluka Health, GMP is the standard we live up to within the life cycle of the manufacturing process. On the back end of GMP is our Quality Management System (QMS) that defines our formalized system of documents, processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives in meeting GMP.