Expertise and Experience Matter


With over 25 years of experience, our management team have held various leadership positions working in botanical, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries with various Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, we have extensive experience developing and executing global hemp and pharmaceutical projects, while also bringing to the table a wealth of expertise in engineering, quality management systems and operations.


Our group of experts have deep knowledge of breeding and cultivation techniques as well as possessing internationally-recognized genetics for over 20 years within the industry. Our team has won multiple awards for cultivation and strain-growing techniques and have acted as prime consultants for the governments of Colombia and Uruguay during the development of their legalization policies and guidelines.

Corporate & Government Affairs

Our team has expertise in developing strategic alliances and partnerships in the public, private and government sectors. Additionally, we also bring to the table our deep understanding and experience in building brands, launching new ventures and creating sustainable business models.

Sales &

Our sales and marketing team have led major brands and marketing campaigns across several Fortune 500 companies in the US and LATAM. With deep knowledge on the industry through market research, trends and extensive experience in developing, planning and implementing new sales plans; our team is able to rapidly adapt to meet our customers expectations and needs.